Accomplishments (1982-1983 - 1988-1989): 4x All-Star, 1x Finals MVP, 1x All-NBA, 3x Champion
Team(s): Lakers
Stats (1982-1983 - 1988-1989): 17.9 PPG 5.7 RPG 2.8 APG 1.1 SPG 0.9 BPG
'80s Highlights 

Big Game James is what they call him. Worthy often flew under the radar playing alongside Magic and Kareem, but don't get it fucked up. James was just as important to the Showtime Lakers, especially in—yup, you guessed it—big games. He averaged four more points during the postseason than he did in the regular season. Worthy was the perfect small forward. He scored when needed, rebounded, and played tough defense. Many of Magic's assists went to Worthy on the break where he finished with his signature tomahawk slam.