Accomplishments (1979-1980 - 1988-1989): 3x All-Star, 3x All-NBA, 1x Scoring Champion
Team(s): Jazz, Warriors, Knicks, Bullets
Stats (1979-1980 - 1988-1989): 22.6 PPG 5.3 RPG 4.2 APG 0.9 SPG
'80s Highlights 

It's a shame Bernard isn't considered worthy of the Hall of Fame. Even with all his debilitating knee injuries, King retired averaging over 20 points per game. Matter of fact, the ghost of Bernard King is now wearing No. 7 for the Knicks. You want to know what King's game was like? Watch highlights of Carmelo Anthony in the post. Bernard was unstoppable there and his mid-range was water. My man dropped 44 on the Bad Boy Pistons with dislocated middle fingers in each hand in a deciding playoff game and won.