Year: 2008
Game: Lakers vs. Celtics

The Celtics were on an unthinkable 19-game winning streak and had a record of 27-2 when they walked into the Staples Center as the defending champs on Christmas Day in 2008. Kobe Bean Bryant didn't like the sound of that not one bit. He, along with his favorite teammate Pau Gasol, put an end to that streak and let the basketball world know that they played in the 2008 Finals too. Bryant scored 27 points, snatched 9 rebounds, had 5 assists and added a steal. While Pau helped out with 20 points and 3 blocks to beat Boston, 92-83. The valiant efforts of Boston's Big Three+1 weren't enough. This game proved to be a prophecy of sorts as the Lakers would go on to win the 2009 NBA Championship.