On Saturday afternoon, we questioned a tweet that Stephen Jackson sent to Serge Ibaka following the Thunder/Lakers game on Friday night. In the tweet, SJ defended his boy Metta World Peace, who got into it with Ibaka during the game, and told "serg Abaka" (SMH) that "he aint bout dis life" (peep the tweet in the thumbs). He also said that he plans on "goin in his mouth" the next time the two meet up. And, while he apologized for his tweet a short time later, the whole thing didn't sit well with the NBA. So, they just fined Jackson a whopping $25,000 for his "hostile statement."

Let this be yet another lesson for all of the athletes out there. People do read what you write on Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social media. So, think long and hard before you write something scandalous. It could cost you later.

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