Baltimore Ravens linebacker and captain Ray Lewis returned to practice on Wednesday for the first time since tearing his triceps in week six against the Dallas Cowboys. Lewis is not eligible to play this Sunday, but the Ravens posted a photo on Facebook of the new facemask Lewis will be sporting when he enters an NFL game again. There is a very real possibility of Lewis playing December 16 against the Denver Broncos.

Lewis isn't the first player to change up their head gear style. Chris Canty of the Giants altered his facemask to try and keep opposing players' fingers away from his eye after having multiple surgeries on it, and Justin Tuck added diagonal bars and a visor to his version, to keep players from contorting his head as he attempted to recover from a neck injury.

Ray Lewis was quoted as saying, "I'm Baltimore's reckoning. Here to end the borrowed time you've all been living on." Okay that's not real, but imagine Ray Ray coming down the middle of the field. Receivers are going to drop the ball before even being hit.

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