When not tattooing or designing graphics for the likes of Nike, Mister Cartoon is thinking about cars. Actually, when he is designing and tattooing he's often thinking about cars too. You see, Mister Cartoon loves classic lowriders.

Aside from his Sanctiond Automotive, Cartoon is spreading love through an innovative new app that allows fans around the world to hop in a lowrider. "Lowriding with friends is a way of life for us in Los Angeles," says Cartoon. "Whenever I get the chance to put someone in one of my classic low-riders and hit the switches, the expression across their face is like nothing else."

The Time 2 Ride Lowrider App offers that experience in digital form. Upload a picture, and you (and whoever else you wish) are suddenly cruising Downtown L.A. in a '64 Impala. After you set your background, your video file is saved and you can share the ride across all social media networks.

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