Watching NBA games on Christmas Day has turned into a tradition for a lot of people. Every year, the league offers up some of the greatest games of the season on December 25 and brings in huge ratings as a result of it. But, there are some NBA players who don't enjoy playing in the games because they don't allow them to spend time with their families on Christmas.

One of those players is Metta World Peace. Recently, he revealed that he doesn't really like playing Christmas Day games with the Lakers. He also revealed that his kids don't like it, either.

"My kids don't like it," he said. "My youngest doesn't like it at all. I'm to a point now I forget it's Christmas, to tell you the truth. I buy the presents and I'm never home, so I totally forget about Christmas."

Regardless of what World Peace's kids think about the Christmas Day games, though, Ron-Ron and the Lakers will still suit up and take the court to play the Knicks today. And, we'll all be watching and loving every second of it.

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[via Los Angeles Times]