The jokes about Manny Pacquiao's devastating knockout continue to fly on Internet message boards and Twitter. But, the truth is that the knockout punch that Juan Manuel Marquez landed last Saturday night may have done some real damage. So, the Nevada State Athletic Commission just suspended Pacquiao for 120 days and ordered him to avoid all contact related to boxing for the first 90 days of that suspension. He also needs to undergo brain testing to find out if he sustained any significant brain damage during his fight with Marquez.

"I have to take him to the Cleveland Clinic in Las Vegas, the brain center, which is a brain specialist," promoter Bob Arum said earlier this week. "We're going to do an extensive brain examination before we commit him to a fight."

That means Pacquiao won't fight again until at least September 2013, if he ever fights again at all.

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[via Philippine Star]

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