We've laughed at all the Manny Pacquiao memes that have popped up over the course of the last 48 hours or so. We've made cracks about how badly Pacman got beaten by Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday night. And, we've shined a spotlight on Floyd Mayweather's reaction to the whole thing. But, even we can't clown Pacquiao (or his wife Jinkee) for making an appearance on a GMA broadcast in the Philippines yesterday and crying after being asked about Pacquiao's future in the ring. The guy carries the weight of his entire country on his shoulders. So, this isn't a joke to him.

"The low morale, the sadness, I accept that," Pacquiao says at one point during this clip. "This is my job…But, the reaction of the Filipinos, the many who cried, especially my family, it really hurts me."

Even though his wife clearly wants him to retire, we hope we haven't seen the last of Manny. He can't go out like this.

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[via Larry Brown Sports]