In keeping with the dynamic direction of the newly refreshed Lincoln Motor Company (apparent in the all-new MKZ sedan), the 90-year-old brand will lead the first-ever commercial written entirely by social media. Brand ambassador, and three-time Super Bowl winner, Emmitt Smith told us, "I think social media is the wave of the future. We are reaching out to a large population of people that are followers of Lincoln, or myself. We're not forcing anything down anyone's throat. We're soliciting the advice of others to make something that is tailored to that consumer."

Script entries will be vetted by none other than Jimmy Fallon, who will no doubt help craft a sterling final product. The spot will propel the MXZ into the spotlight during the big game in New Orleans.

Smith ended discussion with us stating simply, "I love history, I love creating new history, so being with Lincoln at this moment is something that I'm proud of." Unfortunately, he chose not to offer Super Bowl predictions.

You can help Lincoln make history and "Steer the Script" beginning on December 5. Follow Jimmy Fallon and add your two cents to help break new ground.

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