Whether they are working out together in preparation for this season or capturing Olympic gold this summer, Kevin Durant and LeBron James have built a relationship based on respect and admiration. In the upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated where the magazine names Bron Bron their Sportsman of the Year, James took the time to give Durant some very high praise.

“I know there is someone, somewhere, trying to take my spot,” James said in the upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated in which the magazine celebrates him as its Sportsman of the Year. “And I know where he is, too. He's in Oklahoma."

Trying to take his spot, huh? Then, LeBron flipped it and went as far as saying Durant was his inspiration.

“He's my inspiration because I see the direction he's headed, and it's the same direction I'm headed. I know his mind-set, and he knows mine. It's a collision course. We're driving one another.”

Nothing like a little "rivalry" to bring out the best in both guys.      

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[via News OK]