It's practically inarguable that Kobe Bryant will go down as one of the greatest to ever step on court. What makes him so interesting, though, is just how self-aware he is of that fact.  If you don't know how great he is, the Black Mamba is going to make damn sure you recognize.

After the unveiling of the new Nike Kobe VIIIs, Kobe sat down with and once again informed us of his influence on basketball.

“Just by observation of some of the younger players that I face now, they wind up having a similar mentality that I had...Because growing up, they were obviously watching me when I was 21, 22 years old and just kind of by any means necessary get things done, not afraid of the big moment and extremely competitive. They all have these work ethics now and most of them get up at five in the morning to train like I do. It’s pretty cool.”

Arrogant? Maybe a little, but isn't there some truth to that statement?

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[via Larry Brown Sports]

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