The god Justin Bieber has gotten himself in some hot water for his Instagram feed. The Canadian pop star is facing a possible ban from the Philippines for posting a couple of Manny Pacquiao knockout memes on his Instagram feed. Seven law-makers within the Philippines Congress have filled out a resolution demanding an apology from the Biebs for his “distasteful comments … lest he be declared persona non grata.”

With one congressman adding:

“Mr Bieber should have known that the Hon. Pacquiao has reached his stature as such as a result of sheer hard work, determination and firm belief in God, and despite such stature best exemplifies humility and grace even in defeat.”

They also stated Bieber not only insulted Pacman, he insulted the entire population.

Whoa. That's some heavy shit right there. They especially had issues with the meme showing a young Simba over Manny's body and one with Michael Jackson leaning over him. We're pretty sure Justin will apologize soon because he's awesome and also doesn't need a whole country mad at him.

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[via The Big Lead]