The struggling Lakers are traveling to Madison Square Garden tonight to take on the red-hot Knicks. That alone is reason enough to stay glued to the TV later on this evening. But, now, there's another reason, too.

Last night, J.R. Smith took to his Twitter account to answer some tweets from fans who were warning him about Kobe coming to the Garden. And, in true J.R. Smith fashion, he used it as an opportunity to respond openly and honestly—maybe a little too honestly—about his thoughts on the Lakers, Kobe's shot selection, and, well, just read some of his responses for yourself:

Uh-oh. Anyone else think Kobe is gonna drop, like, 80 tonight at the Garden? Apparently, J.R. isn't worried. Because, he ended his tweets last night with this:

Damn. We'll see about that after the game tonight…

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[via Black Sports Online]