The Dodgers aren't the only L.A.-based Major League Baseball team making noise right now. Just a couple days after Magic Johnson & Co. signed pitcher Zack Greinke to a six-year, $147 million contract, the Los Angeles Angels (who Greinke pitched for last season) have reportedly worked out a deal with former Texas Rangers centerfielder Josh Hamilton. The deal calls for Hamilton to collect $125 million over five years—and to continue playing in the AL West, the same division that the Rangers play in.

Was it a smart signing for the Angels? Eh, by all accounts, most other teams weren't willing to give Hamilton a contract lasting longer than three or, at most, four years. He struggled at times last season and sustained one of the weirdest injuries we've ever heard of towards the end of the year. But, with the Dodgers making major moves, the Angles had to do something to keep their fan base energized. Consider it done.

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[via ESPN LA]