Over the weekend, we told you about how LeBron James revealed that he'll never take part in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. According to him, it's not worth risking an injury just to show off a few dunks. But, if he ever did take part in the dunk contest, one NBA player thinks he'd face some stiff competition. After the Jazz got crushed by the Heat on Saturday night, 2012 dunk contest winner Jeremy Evans went on the record and said that he thinks he would come out on top in a dunk contest against King James.

"I'm going to say I would," he said. "I haven't seen any tricks from him yet, because he hasn't been in [an NBA] dunk contest…You need the tricks and moves rather than just being a power dunker in a game."

If he ever took part in the dunk contest, we're sure LBJ would come up with one or two tricks for the fans. But, as we said, he's taken himself out of the running for slam dunk champion. So, Evans is safe from his wrath…for now.

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[via Fox Sports Florida]