In one of the biggest recalls of the year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced that 807,161 2003 and 2004 Honda Odyssey minivans and 2003-2006 Honda Pilot and Acura MDX SUVs have potential rollaway issues. The problem lies within the ignition interlock. According to Honda: 

"A design change to the ignition switch applied to these vehicles reduced the range of
rotation for the ignition switch from 160° in earlier designs to 125° for these vehicles,
with no corresponding change to the ignition interlock blocking mechanism. As a
result, the driver may apply excessive rotational force on the ignition key when
attempting to remove the key when the gear selector is not in the Park position,
potentially damaging a lever in the ignition interlock blocking mechanism. If the
ignition interlock lever is damaged, it may become possible for the driver to remove
the ignition key when the gear selector is in a position other than the Park position. If
the ignition key can be removed when the gear selector is not in the Park position the
vehicle may roll away, increasing the risk of a crash."

Basically, the defect might allow you to take your key out even when the car isn't in park. So, it's kind of a Honda issue, but it's also kind of a human error issue. If you're absent-minded and forget to properly park your car, your car might go bye bye. 

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[via Car Connection]

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