Money May strikes again! In the last year, Floyd Mayweather has thrown down ridiculously large amounts of money at the sportsbook in Las Vegas. He's counted a million dollars on a private jet. And, he's provided us with a closer look at his multimillion-dollar jewelry collection. But, if this next story is true, it's better than anything he's ever done in the past.

According to the rumor mill, Mayweather reportedly paid $16 million to buy his fiancee Shantel Jackson a 27.64-carat diamond necklace called The Heart of Eternity. Mayweather hasn't yet confirmed or denied whether or not the story is true. But, if it is, Ms. Jackson is now the proud owner of one of the largest blue diamonds in the entire world.

If you're a guy, do NOT let your girl read this story. Because no matter what you bought her this Christmas, she's gonna be pissed. Now, click through the thumbs gallery to see some more photos of Mayweather's fiancee as well as the diamond in question.

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[via Black Sports Online]