Yeah, Big Blue has defensive stars like Osi Umenyiora, Justin Tuck, and Jason Pierre-Paul, but let's not forget-the Giants have a pretty good offensive squad. They are seventh in the league in total points and rank top ten in total yards. Plus, Eli Manning, Victor Cruz, and Hakeem Nicks still exist.

So it's quite understandable why someone would want to take a chance and give away free cars if a team blanks New York and that's just what one Chevy dealership is doing. The Lindsay Chevrolet dealership at Woodbridge announced it will reimburse eight new Chevy buyers for their purchases if the Giants leave FedEx Field with a goose egg on Monday night.

It doesn't look like the general manager Coslyn Ceballos is afraid of losing though:

"We were saying, you know, what are the chances of the Redskins making something like that happen? People play the lottery all the time. The chances of hitting the lottery are, what, 1 in 175 million? But it’s fun, and it can happen, and if it did, why not make it interesting?"

Interesting indeed. But fans shouldn't get their hopes up too high; the Giants haven't been shut out in a regular season game since 1996 and New York's offensive production isn't exactly on a slump, either, after its 38-10 rout of the Packers.

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[via Larry Brown Sports