The 2012-13 NFL season just keeps getting worse and worse for the Philadelphia Eagles. Back in August, the season actually started off on a tragic note when Garrett Reid, the son of Eagles head coach Andy Reid, died as the result of a fatal heroine overdose at Eagles training camp. And now, that incident has come back to haunt them again.

Investigators just revealed that Garrett—who was helping the team's strength and conditioning coach at Eagles training camp in the days before he died—had a fairly large quantity of anabolic steroids in his room with him at the time of his death. They're not sure if he was using the steroids himself or if he intended on distributing them to Eagles players. And, investigators say that their investigation has been inconclusive with regards to the steroids.

"Lots of interviews were conducted by police," Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli said. "I can't go into all of them, but all I can say is that we could not provide any evidence or substantiate that anybody in the Eagles organization was involved in this, or whether or not this was for his personal use. It was just undetermined."

Either way, it doesn't sound real good for the Eagles.

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[via ESPN]