If you read Complex Sports regularly, then you already know that we give a lot of athletes a lot of grief for spending their money unwisely. Just yesterday, we pointed out how poorly Allen Iverson has been spending his money lately. So, we feel the need to shine the spotlight on Andre Johnson today, because he's one guy who seems to be doing the right things with his money.

Earlier this week, the Texans All-Pro wide receiver took 12 kids between the ages of 8 and 16 who are currently in Child Protective Services to a Toys R Us in Houston and let them grab as many toys as they could in 80 seconds. And, in the end, he spent $19,521 in total on the kids to make sure that they have a good Christmas this year (check out the thumbnails to see a photo of Johnson holding his gigantic receipt).

"A lot of these kids get discouraged because of where they grew up and things like that," he said after the shopping spree was over. "I grew up in a single-parent home and I was fortunate to achieve my goals. So, whatever goals you have, just keep them out in front of you. Don't let anybody distract you away from them, because there will be distractions that try to detour you away from your goals. That's the biggest thing."

True. But, there will also be guys like Johnson who are there to help. And, that's a good thing. A great thing. So, kudos to him for doing his part to help. As the holidays approach, we hope other athletes will do the same.

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