It took us until the last day of 2012. But, we have finally come across the absolute craziest sports story of the year. Here goes…

About three weeks ago, ESPN anchor Hannah Storm was cooking dinner in a propane gas grill at her home in Connecticut when she realized that the flame had gone out on the grill. So, she turned off the gas and then turned it back on again in an effort to get the flame going. But, when she did, there was a gigantic explosion and, according to Storm, "a wall of fire came at me."

As a result of the accident, Storm suffered second-degree burns to her chest and hands and first-degree burns to her face and neck. She also lost her eyebrows, her eyelashes, and half of her hair. She's spent the last three weeks indoors while recovering from her injuries, but she plans on returning to TV tomorrow when she co-hosts the 2013 Rose Parade. And, while she's bandaged up now and has extensions in her hair, she's a little worried about stepping out into the limelight again.

"I'm a little nervous about things I used to take for granted," she said over the weekend. "Little things like putting on makeup and even turning pages on my script." 

See, we told you. Crazy, right? The photo above features Storm and Josh Elliott posing for a pic yesterday. Click through the thumbs gallery to see what Storm looked like prior to the accident.

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[via U.S. News & World Report]