Amare Stoudemire's comeback is almost complete. Stoudemire, who is still rehabbing his left knee after undergoing knee surgery in the fall, is eyeing New Year's Day as his return date when the Knicks take on the Trail Blazers. He thinks that January 1 is a real "possibility" for him to target. But, he reiterated that he doesn't necessarily want to jump back into the lineup and start for the Knicks when he begins playing again.

"Obviously, coming back from an injury, you have to slowly build your way up to get back to where you once were," he said yesterday, "so there's no pressure right now of starting. I think it's more so about continuing to win—keep that momentum going and keep guys positive and feeling energetic about the game."

Is this news good or bad for the Knicks? Uh, we're still not sure. With the team playing so well so far this season, it might actually be bad. Then again, having a guy like STAT come off the bench for you could be a good thing. A great thing even. So, we'll just have to wait and see.

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[via Newsday]