Bobby Petrino slinks through coaching jobs with the stench and trustworthiness of expired mayonnaise. Less than six months after signing a 10-year/$25.6M deal with Louisville, he accepted an NFL head coaching job with Atlanta. Then, he bailed on the Falcons in the middle of the season to coach the Arkansas Razorbacks. Then, he hired an attractive volleyball player thirty years his junior to serve as a "development coordinator." Then, he began dating her behind his wife's back. This guy's like Dave Navarro with a headset. 

It's not easy to embarrass the University of Arkansas. The place is basically a truck stop with a quad. But earlier this year, Petrino crashed his motorcycle with said hot co-ed riding passenger, lied about being alone, and then forced himself out of a job after it was discovered that he'd given a Christmas gift of $20,000 to his jumpoff. Whoops. Disgraced, humiliated, and likely bleeding internally, Petrino's now coaching the vaunted Western Kentucky Hilltoppers at a quarter of his former salary. Dude would be wise to spend some Saturday nights at the crib in 2013.