With his new album, Trouble Man, hitting stores next month, T.I. is doing a ton of press these days. So, recently, he made a trip up to Bristol, Conn. to visit ESPN to complete the "car wash" (appearances on all of ESPN's morning/afternoon shows) and talk sports. During that trip, he spoke with ESPN's Playbook and talked about his love for the Atlanta Braves, Falcons, and Hawks, his favorite piece of sports memorabilia, and which athlete he'd love to play in a movie.

"Despite the looks, I would love to play Sugar Ray Leonard," he said. "The fighters he was fighting, the way he won, the style he was fighting, the way he defended—he's dope. Those Sugar Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns fights, they were classic."

Hmmm…We've heard that Usher has that Sugar Ray Leonard gig sewn up. But, Tip as a boxer? We could see it. Somebody in Hollywood needs to holler at him.

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[via Playbook]