Say hi to Nathan Burris (that's his mug shot in the thumbnails). He's a big fan of Monday Night Football. As of yesterday, he was also being tried for murder in California after allegedly shooting his ex-girlfriend and a male companion back in 2009. But, because his court date was threatening to interfere with his ability to watch MNF last night, he took a ridiculously drastic step: He confessed to both killings so that he could get back to his jail cell ASAP to catch the Eagles play the Saints.

"I did it, so what?" he said while being cross examined. "No remorse, no regrets, no mercy…You want me to draw it out in crayon?"

But, apparently, the prosecutor wanted more. So, to drive the point home, he continued questioning Burris and asked him if he thought his father would have been proud of what he did to his ex and her friend.

"This isn't Sesame Street," Burris answered, trying to move things alone. "They get it, bro…I'm still alive, they're not, and that's all that matters. I'm ready to roll on down the road."

Wow. Okay then. That's certainly one way to look at things. Let's hope the jury finds him guilty and sentences him to (amongst other things!) life without TV. It certainly sounds like he deserves whatever he's got coming to him.

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[via Deadspin]