Not content to rest on its laurels (aka. massive sales to practical Midwesterners who read Consumer Reports, eco-friendly celebrities, and tech-obsessed hipsters) the Toyota Prius is set to gain a suite of new features in its next generation. The one that will be shoved in our faces the most is no doubt the revised electric motor, which will be lighter, more powerful, and more efficient, leading to a rumored 90mpg on the UK scale, which amounts to about 75mpg on our scale, and who knows how much in real life. 

While a fuel economy upgrade was to be expected, we find the rumor that the next car will feature electrically driven rear wheels more intriguing. At speeds up to 37mph in low-traction conditions a pair of electric motors will give a bit of "oomph" to the otherwise un-driven wheels to assist in getting some grip. That's how to sell Prii in Wisconsin.

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[via Auto Express]

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