Year: 2002
Type: Movie Car

In total, seven V12 Vanquishes were used for the filming of Die Another Day: four special effects cars and three unaltered hero cars. The four special effects cars didn’t have V12 engines, but instead used Ford BOSS 302 V8 engines, had 4WD, Ford Explorer front differentials and drive shafts, as well as the usual assortment of Bond car weaponry. Oh, and roll cages -- which is good, because two of these special effects cars were destroyed during filming. If it’s been awhile since you watched the film, here’s why this extra kit was necessary. Fun fact: the automatic gearbox fitted in the 4WD Vanquishes used in the film apparently allowed a speed of 120mph -- both in forward AND reverse gears. With a special feature like that, we’re amazed two of these special Aston/Ford hybrids survived.