Date: 10/14/2006
Game: FIU Panthers vs. Miami Hurricanes
Location: Miami Orange Bowl (Miami)

The main campuses of Florida International University and the University of Miami are only nine miles apart, and most players of both programs come from the South Florida metropolitan area. You can already see where this is going. So you get a bunch of guys who grew up together, now playing for rival schools, how could there not be a fight?

Shit hits the fan when this delinquent on FIU, Marshall McDuffie, Jr., kicks Miami holder Matt Perelli in the head when he's already on the ground. What follows is a series of curb stomps, and helmets being used as weapons. What's the motto of the NCAA again? Scholars, athletes,degenerates? That body slam at the 1:15 mark is unnecessary. Miami won the game 35-0, but the final score on the fight card is still up for debate. This one certainly was, "as dicey as dicey gets."