Date: 5/19/1998
Game: Baltimore Orioles vs. NY Yankees
Location: Yankee Stadium (Bronx, NY)

We've seen it before, a pitcher gives up a big home run and immediately hits the next batter. Well in this case, Armando Benitez plunks Tino Martinez in the back after a Bernie Williams home run, and the Yanks don't like it. Right before the Yankees dugout charges at Benitez, he puts his arms up to say, "Come get some," and they do. Graeme Lloyd, who led the charge from the bullpen, gets a few shots on Benitez and both teams end up brawling in the Orioles dugout. The best part is then Yankees owner, George Steinbrenner, looking on in sheer terror. We can just hear him now, "Cashman, what's the insurance policy on brawls?" #RIPGeorge