Accomplishments (1989-1990 - 1998-1999): 2x Champion, 2x Finals MVP, 1x MVP, 7x All-Star, 2x Defensive Player of the Year, 8x All-NBA, 6x NBA All-Defense
Team(s): Rockets
Stats (1989-1990 - 1998-1999): 23.9 PPG 11.6 RPG 3.0 APG 1.8 SPG 3.5 BPG
'90s Highlights

When Michael Jordan retired, folks really started to appreciate Hakeem. He didn't give people much of a choice by winning back-to-back titles in '94 and '95, besting Ewing's Knicks and Shaq and Penny, respectively. The Dream revolutionized the center position with his soft touch and unexplainable footwork. The "Dream Shake" was and probably still is, unguardable. So much so that today's NBA players pay top dollar for Olajuwon's basketball knowledge. Hakeem was a bad man. He couldn't be stopped on the offensive end and he played lockdown defense on the other side, winning back-to-back Defensive Player of the Year awards in '92 and '93. If your name wasn't David Robinson, Patrick Ewing or Shaquille O'Neal, you might as well call it a night and even the players mentioned got outplayed by the Dream on many occasions.