Accomplishments (1989-1990 - 1998-1999): 1996 NBA Defensive Player of the Year, 5x All-Star, 6x All-NBA, 6x All-Defense
Team(s): Sonics
Stats (1989-1990 - 1998-1999): 16.3 PPG 3.8 RPG 6.8 APG 2.3 SPG
'90s Highlights

GP established himself as the best defensive point guard early on. During his first two seasons ('91-'92), he snatched two cookies a game while turning the middle of the pack Sonics into contenders. Gary wasn't the best shooter and still managed to put up 20 a game between 1995 and 1999. He broke defenders down and penetrated the lane with ease. Most of his points either came in the paint or from the foul line. If he didn't lay it up, he either kicked it out to Detlef or hit Kemp with a sick alley-oop. Payton hung is hat on defense, though. He's one of only four guards to ever win the Defensive Player of the Year Award (1996) and his nickname was "The Glove" because of his propensity for thievery of basketballs.