The James Harden trade had everyone talking this week. The Thunder got a good deal out of it, but Harden was the real winner. He dropped 37 and 45 in his first two games as a Rocket, they're 2-0 and he got an $80 million contract. Kevin Durant could only muster up a simple, "Wow," when he heard the news and LeBron James was eager to give Harden his well wishes. Delonte West didn't have the same luck James had. He was recently waived by the Mavericks and took to Twitter to give out his "resamay." We really hope someone picks him up, Delonte goes hard and his tweets are the best. And last, but not least, 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather took their beef to Twitter and it was hilarious. If you want Delonte to get signed, check out The 10 Most Ridiculous Sports Tweets of the Week.

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