This was yet another bad week to be an Eagles fan. Marcus Vick took to Twitter again to voice his opinion. This time he called Andy Reid, "fatboy" and then said that he never mentioned, "coach." OK, buddy. Philly wide receiver Riley Cooper got tired of all the fans hitting him on Twitter and basically said if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all—we think he forgot he plays in Philadelphia. Those people booed Santa Claus. Switching gears, the Iron Sheik wished all his followers a Happy Thanksgiving and then gave a big fuck you to Hulk Hogan. It's nice to see Sheiky in the holiday spirit. And last but not least, JR Smith and Joe Budden wished each other a Happy Turkey Day. Booty really does bring the world together. While chowing down on leftover, check out The 10 Most Ridiculous Sports Tweets of the Week.

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