Well, delusions of "Showtime" reincarnated took all of six weeks to turn into a nightmare. The Lakers are a mess, complete with fans like this and a fabulously botched changing of the guard at head coach. The only thing separating the Lakers from an episode of Real Housewives: Beverly Hills is a Kobe Bryant endorsement deal with Christian Louboutin and a few Botox treatments for Dwight Howard.

That said, if we've learned anything from the Heat or Celtics, it's that super teams take a minute to materialize and adversity is pretty easily overcome in basketball. In the NBA, half the league's teams make the playoffs. So, even with a disappointing regular season, the Lakers can still manage to secure a No. 5 seed. If, by April, Dwight Howard's demanding a trade to Chicago and the team's being coached by the ghost of George Mikan, Kobe can still will his team into the second round of the playoffs. So tell Stephen A. Smith to take his "Panic Meter" and shove it.