Meet Kolo Toure. Most people know him as a defender for Manchester City and representative of the Ivory Coast National Soccer Team. However, for one woman named Kessel Kasuisyo, he was Francois... car salesman. Since Kessel does not really follow soccer, she didn't know of Toure's true identity (or his wife and two children) until a friend told her about it.

According to The Daily Mirror, Toure would go to the woman's flat with a baseball cap and over-sized glasses. Kessel also revealed that "around the time he got married he called and said he was back in Africa and had just sold two cars." She continued, "Maybe he wanted me to be a second wife. I just don’t know." Of course, Kolo is denying any affair, but the woman has provided a picture of dude (peep the second thumb) in the shower. Dead. 

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[via The Big Lead]