We'd love to know how this Skype session was set up. We picture it going something like this:

PATRIOTS PR PERSON: "Hey, Gronk, we've got this astronaut named Sunita Williams who is up in outer space right now and would like to say hi to you."

ROB GRONKOWSKI: "OUTER SPACE?!? As in THE outer space?!?"

PATRIOTS PR PERSON: "Yeah. She's at the International Space Station. Do you mind Skyping with her for a few minutes? Maybe just say hello, ask her a few questions, and…"

ROB GRONKOWSKI: "HELL YEAH, BRO! There are a few things that I always wanted to ask an astronaut."


ROB GRONKOWSKI: "Just hand me the phone!"

Gronk then proceeds to ask her…well, we'll let you watch and see. But, let's just say that Gronk's no rocket scientist. And, his questions are probably the same questions that a 7-year-old would have asked the astronaut. Ha. We also love the "Holy shit, I'm talking to an astronaut in outer space!!!!!!!" look that he has on his face the whole time. You're the man, Gronk.

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[via Boston Herald]