Maserati's 6th generation Quattroporte won't make you double take. Nor will you confuse it for another car. And, that's a good thing. In keeping with a growing tradition, Maserati's kept aesthetic changes to a minimum, instead focusing on improving the interior quality. One exciting item in the new Quattroporte is the Ferrari-built V8 engine. At first we were thinking that we couldn't give you a prediction regarding the output of this whip, but then we noticed the license plate that reads "QP 530 HP." We're going to go out on a very sturdy looking limb and tell you that this Ferrari V8 will make 530 horses; a big upgrade from the 400 to 450hp in the current car.

The car will get a full debut at the Detroit Motor Show next January. It is the first in a full refresh for the brand, which will include the smaller mid-size Ghibli sedan and Levante SUV in an expanded line-up…all leading to the 100th anniversary of the brand in 2014. 

[via Autocar]