Let's hope David Stern doesn't hear about this…

During last night's Nets/Lakers game at the Staples Center, Gerald Wallace tried to bait Kobe Bryant into taking a pair of free throws with his eyes closed. All things considered, it wasn't a bad strategy. Kobe is a super competitive guy, so if the game wasn't so close at the time, he might have actually considered it. But, Kobe thought about it for a second before asking Wallace a question: "How much you want to put on it?"

As you can see in the video above, it appears as though Kobe attempted to put $5000 on his ability to hit free throws with his eyes closed. But, despite the big $40 million contract he got from the Nets in the offseason, Wallace turned him down once he found out Kobe wanted to put money on it and let him shoot the free throws with his eyes open.

Oh well. Nice try, Gerald. It was worth a shot!

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[via New York Daily News]