When Kia unveiled the Pro_Cee'd concept at the last Paris Motor Show we didn't, as Americans who get the Forte rather than the Cee'd, give it too much thought. The Pro_Cee'd, despite the absurd name, was a very slick looking little car, and now it's going to be the basis of a new, 200hp hot-hatch. It's expected to be called Pro_Cee'd GT when it hits the markets and we're really not looking forward to typing that on a regular basis.

That's not all the good news from Kia, however. The company is also planning a rear-wheel drive sports coupe, which is fantastic news indeed. It's intended to be a flagship car, so we expect it to aim more at the Ford Mustang than the Scion FR-S. Either way we'll be happy to take it for a spin.

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[via Left Lane News]

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