Even in death, Hector "Macho" Camacho is still driving the ladies crazy.

According to a new report, Camacho's alleged mistress, his longtime girlfriend, and his two sisters got into an altercation during the second day of his viewing in Puerto Rico earlier this week. The trouble started when the alleged mistress Cynthia Castillo walked up to Camacho's casket, kissed his mouth, and then made her way to the family's private area (she says she was invited there by Hector Camacho Jr.) to eat. But, when she did, she says she was approached by Camacho's girlfriend of 25 years Gloria Fernandez and Camacho's sisters Esther and Estrella, who allegedly smacked a plate of food out of her hands and then attacked her.

"I went to get something to eat because Machito (Camacho Jr.) told me to, and his ex-girlfriend (Fernandez) came up to me and told me that I had to leave," Castillo told ESPN Deportes. "I said no, so they threw my plate of food and attacked me, and I defended myself."

And, that wasn't the only fight that took place at the viewing, either. According to another report, former boxer Wilfredo Vazquez also got into it with one of Camacho's other relatives Jorge Lozada after Lozada attempted to stop Vazquez's wife from giving Camacho's mother Maria Matias a hug.

Camacho's body is set to be flown to New York today for another viewing. Let's hope this one is a lot more peaceful than the first one.

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[via ESPN]

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