A word to the wise: Don't misquote DeAngelo Hall. Or, better yet, don't even give DeAngelo Hall the impression that you may have misquoted him.

After the Redskins/Eagles game on Sunday, Hall was asked about something that he'd supposedly said to Washington Post reporter Mike Jones recently concerning a meeting that went down last week with the team's defense and the defensive coordinator. But, he claimed that he had never made the statement.

"I didn't talk to y'all about that," he said. "I don't know where that quote came from…I think Mike [Jones] reported it."

Jones knew that Hall had made the statement in question, though, so he approached Hall today with a recording that featured him making it. And, despite the fact that the statement really wasn't a big deal at all, that set Hall off. He started yelling at Jones. Jones started yelling back at him. And, before long, the two men had to be separated.

They eventually talked things out later and made their peace. But, on his weekly radio show tonight, Hall revealed that things almost got physical between the two.

"Everybody was pulling him back," he said. "I'm like, 'Let him go. Please let him go. If anybody touch me, I'm knocking them out.' I said something [along the] lines of that."

Wow. That definitely wouldn't have been Hall's finest moment. Then again, it also wouldn't have been the first embarrassing moment that Hall has endured this season, either. We don't know what's gotten into him. But, it definitely sounds like he needs to calm down.

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[via Washington Times]