Last year, we told you about Griffin Lentsch, a guard for Division III school Grinnell College who managed to rack up 89 points in a single game. At the time, we thought that what he did was simply amazing. So, imagine what we thought when we woke up this morning to find that another Grinnell player named Jack Taylor had not just topped Lentsch's record but shattered it.

Last night, Taylor made 52 of the 108 shots that he took against Faith Baptist Bible, including 27 of the 71 three-pointers he threw up, en route to a 138-point game. Yep, that's right—138 points! It's easily the most points ever scored in a college basketball game (the previous record was 113 points scored by a guy named Bevo Francis back in 1954) and it's 90 points more than Taylor's previous career high.

The feat was so amazing that even Kevin Durant commented on it last night on Twitter:

Oh, and he wasn't the only one with a hot hand, either. Faith Baptist Bible's David Larson also managed to drop 70 by shooting an incredible 34-for-44 from the field. It sounds like it was a hell of a game, huh?

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