For those folks that attended the Brooklyn Nets home opener against the Toronto Raptors, the team had one more surprise up their sleeve for their fans. But, uh, maybe they should've kept it tucked away. On Saturday, the Nets unveiled their superhero mascot, Brooklyn Knight. See what they did there?  

While we do give the Nets and their collaborative partner, Marvel Comics, credit for that little "Brooklynite" pun, which is a reference to the nickname given to those individuals that reside in Brooklyn, we cannot get onboard with the character's ridiculously corny superpowers.

“He is equipped to handle almost any threat with a protective metal B on his chest, metal knee, elbow, and face coverings, defined muscles, including a six-pack, and a multi-functional cape.”

Um, maybe we need to take a look at the comic book that was given out to those people who attended the Barclays Center this past weekend before passing judgment. Ah, who are we kidding? This is pretty lame.    

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]