Hot on the heels of the news that Audi is considering a new hypercar that will sit above the R8 in the line-up, we've heard that the company is also looking at an ultralight, hardcore version of the TT and a city-car that will get at least 280mpg

The TT's weight goal is a practically anorexic 1,000kg (2,204lbs). To this end, almost all of the steel and aluminum will have to be replaced with carbon fiber. The car would also come standard with a roll-cage, and the company is brainstorming ways to get a quattro system into the car without breaking the weight limit.

The 280mpg figure is derived from the German idea of a one-liter car, referring not to engine displacement but to the goal of only using one liter of fuel to travel 100 kilometers. The car would be small, but would still be a practical four-seater. The goal is to get an absurd fuel economy number without sacrificing the practicality of the vehicle.



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[via Top Gear]

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