The most heartwarming sports story of the year just got even better.

As we all know, Colts head coach Chuck Pagano is undergoing treatment for leukemia right now. And, although he's not coaching, he made an appearance in the Colts locker room after their win against the Dolphins on Sunday and gave an extremely moving speech to his players. Now, it appears that most of them, including rookie quarterback Andrew Luck, have taken a pair of clippers and shaved their heads as a sign of solidarity with their coach.

Did it just get a little dusty in this room or…? Yeah, this is pretty awesome. We rip athletes for their behavior a lot, but it's great to see what these guys are doing for their coach (check out a photo of the team with their shaved heads in the thumbnails above). We wish him—and them—nothing but the best of luck moving forward.

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[via Washington Post]