Upon first consideration, the graphics on the bottom of skateboards seem like something kids would care about most and the aging population of skateboards would pay little mind to. However, it is quite the contrary. It seems like the older we get, the more excited we get about a good skateboard graphic.

Maybe it is because our appreciation for art and design gets more acute, or maybe it is because our humor gets more refined and we can enjoy the word play that might have gone over our heads before. Regardless of what the reason is, we love the disposable art on the bottoms of our shred sticks. After recently giving you our Top 25 Best Skateboard Decks From the 80s, we’ve now decided to put you on to 50 Sick Skate Decks We Want Right Now! Have a look through the witty and graphically superior decks available. We’ve even included links to buy, so get that holiday wish list started off right. 

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