Former football great Lawrence Taylor was on Showtime's "Inside the NFL" Wednesday and participated in a segment entitled, "Dear Insiders." The segment phrases questions as if they were asked by players or coaches. Host Jim Brown read following question to LT:

“Dear Lawrence, like you, I’m a clean-living, hard-hitting, good ol’ southern boy trying to make it in The Big Apple. What was the secret to your success? Thanks in advance, (signed) Tim from the Meadowlands.”

So, of course, LT gave Tim Tebow the best advice ever. The legend answered:

“I would say he would have to go to church, Temple — wherever he goes — find a nice girl, and get laid. I mean marry her if he has to, but he’s got to get some of that pressure off.”

That sure went downhill fast, didn't it? The funny thing is, while everybody else was laughing, LT was dead serious. Who else would know how to survive in the big city? Tebow needs to hang with LT, get arrested and live a little.

[via Larry Brown Sports]