Back in July, we were confused about why Matt Barnes got arrested in Los Angeles while he was walking down the street. It didn't sound like he'd actually done anything that should have resulted in him getting arrested. We're not confused anymore!

As you can see in this clip, Barnes refused to be taken away peacefully on July 30 after a police officer sat outside of a restaurant in Manhattan Beach and waited for him and his girlfriend Gloria Govan to finish eating so that he could arrest him on an outstanding traffic violation. And, after the arresting officer—who apparently has a history of busting Barnes on traffic violations—called backup in, Barnes got upset and directed a gay slur in his direction.

"You're the fucking faggot who followed me," he can be heard saying in this video.

Ahhh. You can't do that, Matt! Fortunately, he's already apologized for it, and he got the felony resisting arrest charge that stemmed from the incident thrown out in court. But, with Barnes looking to get his 2012-13 season with the Clippers off on the right foot, this probably wasn't the way he envisioned getting things started.

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[via TMZ]