SEMA is just one day away, with all its aftermarket glory and custom car porn. We've been previewing some of the manufacturer specials set for the show, including gems from Ford, Chevy, and Kia. Nothing prepared us, however, for Toyota's big idea.

The Japanese car maker has built the ultimate fishing truck.

In 2010, Toyota wowed SEMA attendees with the Tundra Sportsman (produced in conjunction with Bass Pro Shops). This year, the great outdoors is again the theme with the Ultimate Fishing Tundra. A supercharged V8 pushes a heavy hitter with a 12-inch lift. Inside, the truck has supple leather, a tackle box, and a TV. Basically, everything a man needs to escape the house.

The Ultimate Fishing Tundra is joined by a racing edition of the FJ Cruiser, the FJ-S, equipped with 345 hp.

[via Car & Driver]

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